Media81 Group Launched a New Website for International Superstar, Omid

Beverly Hills, CA, January 30, 2014 – Representatives of Media81 Sect announced today that they have completed the new website design for Persian music icon, Omid Soltani.

“It is a time like cool changes and surprises, with a vernal website and so many great news and concerts steam up the January energy we already have,” said Kevin Sade, creative director of Media81 Group.

Along with a complete listing of tour dates, including his upcoming realm tour, features a comprehensive discography of Soltani’s musical career, a newly-written bio, broad photo gallery, music player, and his most recent collaboration with Thomas Andres from Modern Talking “We Are One”.

Kevin Sade said Media81 Group is pleased to have been chosen to create a nascent website for Omid Soltani’s official website.

Omid performed over 100 sold out concerts worldwide in famous venues such as Los Angeles Gibson Amphitheatre, Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Caravansary & Casino, The Venetian Las Vegas, Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, Foxwoods Lodge Casino, Orange County Bren Events Center, Washington Warner Center, Lisner Auditorium | The George Washington University, Washington Warner Theatre, New York Queens College, Toronto The International Centre, Vancouver Ranee Elizabeth Theatre, Field Oberhausen, Arena Koln, Province Hamburg, CCH Arena, Stockholm Globe Arenas, London Le Ple, London Empire, Sydney Opera House, Dubai Aviation Club, Dubai Tennis Stadium, Antalya Acik Hava & plenty more.

Omid means hope; he cares about throng and helps them on daily basis. Omid is operating on his neoterism cellar to provide education for children living in poverty. He has performed in several charity events to uplift money for kids, he has worked with Cardio Star Foundation to cover the price of 12 victorious heart operations.

Omid has released eight albums and several singles during his music career, he is fluent in English, Farsi and Turkish, he has worked with well known International/Persian music composers such as Jahanbakhsh Pazooki, Sadegh Nojouki, Mohammad Heydari, Hasan Shamaeizadeh, Kazem Alemi, Mohammad Moghaddam, Masoud Amini, Homa Mirafshar, Mina Jalali, Jacklin, Masoud Fardmanesh, Homayoun Houshiarnejad, Shahyar Ghanbari, Ardalan Sarfaraz, and Babak Radmanesh .

Omid collaborated with mega superstar Thomas Anders from Modern Talking, the song is called “We Are One” and features a fantastic music video handy director Alec Cartio. It’s bot shot in multiple towns across the world. He signed a recording contract with Sony and Warner Chappell for his latest hit.Omid is known as one of the Top 10 successful young Celebs in Persian music industry.

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